Avenham Park, Preston – love this place!

One of my favourite places in Preston has to be Avenham Park. I think that parts of it are perfect! I could happily spend a lot of time here. It is a fantastic place to take our dog and is great for Miss A to just have some pushchair and rein-free time. Avenham Park is next to another park called Miller Park. I will be taking some photos of this park very soon!

We cycle through here quite a lot. It has lots of long off-road paths and it was the place where I had my first bike ride as an adult!

It is great for children, great for dog walkers, a fantastic place for anyone to visit and with the Pavilion being built, there is now a place to sit down and have something to eat and drink!

  • Avenham Park, Preston, park
    Avenham Park, Preston
  • Avenham Park, Preston, park
    A long path!
  • Avenham Park, Preston, park
    Avenham Park
  • Avenham Park, Preston, park
    The Pavilion, in the distance
  • Avenham Park, Preston, park, River Ribble
    The River Ribble
  • Avenham Park, Preston
    Last year in Avenham Park


  1. Burgundybarn says:

    Ah, the lovely Avenham Park. I just got a great big homesick pang for a walk along the river.
    Will be back for the Guild though when the park will be even better.
    I just stumbled across your blog from Lord knows where but you’re on my blogs to read list now – even though my kids are all grown up.

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