Lulu and the Best Cake Ever book review

I was sent a copy of Lulu and the Best Cake Ever by Emma Chichester Clark to review and I must say that Miss A really likes looking at the pictures. She is a little young for this book as she is still at the stage of wrecking pages that are not made of cardboard! This is her first dog story book (I think) and that makes the book extra special as she loves our dog!

I think the book is superb and as soon as Miss A is about 3, I think this book will be a favourite. As for what I think about it? Well the illustrations are superb! I love the fact that not only you have the main story, you have speech bubbles for the child to spot and read. I love the fact that there is an introduction of the characters in the book. I think that is a fantastic idea.

Come on down to Wagtail Town where every day is an adventure!

Lulu is a little dog with BIG ideas so when she and her friends take part in the school cake competition, she is sure she will make the best cake ever and WIN! But lulu’s baking doesn’t go quite as planned…Can her best friend, Alfie, show Lulu that there is more than one way to be a winner?

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