Listography – Top 5 wishes for my child

The top 5 wishes for my child are:

1. To be healthy

To be healthy is really great! I know there are so many things that happen to the human body so to wish that Miss A will be healthy is probably not going to happen but I hope that nothing happens to her and she lives to a healthy age. I wish that anything she does get is minor and easily rectified.

2. To enjoy life

I hope that Miss A enjoys life to the full and is happy with everything that she does. I hope that she only does what she wants to do (unless it is naughty) and to be able to be the independent woman that I want her to be. I moved away from home and I do regret it sometimes as I really really miss my family, but if I didn’t move I would not have a fiance, Miss A and a house, there will be one day that Miss A moves out and into a place of her own, I hope that she doesn’t move as far away as what I did but if it comes to it I am going to have to accept it. Her happiness means more than anything.

3. I want her to be a good person but also to have her own opinions and stick up for herself.

This is something that I have trouble with, I am too good for my own good, I think. I hope she is lovely but still has an opinion and can stick up after herself. I hope she is able to know right from wrong and to be able to tell someone when they are doing wrong. Confidence!!

4. To find a person she loves.

Now Miss A is two years old but I hope one day she finds a person she loves and that person loves her back. That will be fantastic. It would be lovely knowing that our darling daughter has someone that she can love and be with. She has a lot of love to give already!

5. To be able to come to us when she needs help.

I have a very good relationship with my parents and I know that if I am in trouble, they would be there for me. I want it to be the same for Miss A. I hope that all the time that we are alive, she knows that she can come to us for help whatever the problem is.

This is my first Listography that is run by Kate Takes 5

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