Is this why I can’t get pregnant?

As some of you know we have been trying for our second child since December and we haven’t had any success. I have used ovulation sticks for the past two months and still nothing. I am not particularly happy with this as they did show when I was likely to ovulate..oh well I hopefully have many months left to get pregnant.

What I have noticed is that my cycle has changed. It used to be 28 days but for the past two months it has been every 30 days! I wonder if that is the reason why I can’t get pregnant? I bet those extra two days make the difference.

With the change in my cycle length, you can imagine how I felt when I thought my period was two days late, only to be slightly disappointed when it arrived.

With this knowledge, I hope this month I am going to be successful. I am not building my hopes up, I have done that before!

newborn baby,
Another one of these please!

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