I am starting to like cycling!

It seems very strange to admit it but I think I am OK with cycling now. I haven’t been on many major roads yet as I don’t really need to but the bike ride we went on Sunday, I really enjoyed. It was only to Bamber Bridge and back and was mostly off-road but beforehand I thought it wasn’t very nice!

If you are wondering why I am negative towards cycling then I shall tell you. Back in 2006 I had a bicycle accident where a van swerved into me. I suffered a few injuries including chipped vertebrae (I now have permanent compression to the vertebrae), broken hand, damaged coccyx and chipped teeth. I spent a week in hospital (Southport! I hated being so far away from home!) and about 15 weeks off work. I suffered from depression afterwards and since then a bit of a hatred towards cycling, even on off-road routes. I still stuck with it though and every time we went cycling, I enjoyed it that little bit more. But Sunday was the best day ever! Even when we had to cross a major road, which I would normally panic about, I didn’t worry!

My worry wasn’t about me so much recently but Miss A. Even though she is in a Croozer trailer, I always panicked if I wasn’t behind Russ and her so that I can make sure that no car hits her. I didn’t panic at all. She is in a metal enclosure and any driver should see her, she has a big flag attached to the trailer, if they miss that then they are a bit blind! If she was hit at all, then I am sure that the trailer would cope with the force, we are talking big metal tubes here and she is sat at the front of the trailer. It’s not as if we are going on major roads anyway so the risk of her being hit are pretty much zero.

As some of you know, we are trying for baby number two, when and if this happens and the baby is born, I can see our cycling outings pretty much non-existent for a good year or two…we should of bought a trailer fit for two! That would of been fun seeing Russ carting two children about. He struggles with Miss A and some groceries! But no, we have a trailer fit for one (and some groceries) so we have either got to get something else as well as the trailer or not cycle.

It seems strange in saying this but I now find it really enjoyable going cycling as a family. I think it also helps that I have not much to worry about these days. We have had a bad few months where there has been a lot of illness and worry. It does seem that we are getting back to normal and life seems that more enjoyable now. I hope this continues for a little while. We have had an amazing couple of weekends, seeing CBeebies Live and Giant Spectacular. It does make my week days a bit boring, I look forward to the weekends, even though I am a full-time mum! Really need to start thinking about what we can do during the week!

This is Miss A after her first bike ride, sound asleep!

trailer, cycling toddler

Miss A in her trailer


  1. Sarahmumof3 says:

    I’m glad you  getting your love for cycling back the trailer sounds perfect for Amelia I always loved the bike trailers but never got round to getting one for mine x

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