Getting back to normal

Well I have had to take a bit of a break from my blog as my mind was filled with other things. I have sorted everything out (mentally) and I seem to be able to take things in my stride now.

We have two hospital visits this week. Today I am going for a check-up after my benign parotid gland tumour operation. Hopefully being diagnosed with First Bite Syndrome. Then it’s Miss A’s appointment on Friday for her lump in her tummy (suspected hernia). I am not worried about mine, getting less concerned about Miss A’s. Nothing I can do apart from wait and see what they say about it.

I am happy to say that Russell’s test have come back OK so whatever he has it isn’t serious.

Had a fantastic Easter weekend, seeing CBeebies Live! was fantastic! Best day out in a long time. Seeing Miss A’s face when she saw all her hero’s was the best thing ever!

CBeebies Live, CBeebies, Reach to the Stars, MEN Arena
Bit blurry but I love this picture!

Our lovely dog, Tyson is back to his normal self. His paw has healed very well! Love him so much. It was a worry, especially since it stopped him doing the thing he liked second best (walking, with eating being his favourite thing!)

I am not too sure at the moment what the next few weeks will bring, Miss A may need an operation, I will know more on Friday. Will keep you all informed.

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