Miss A is growing up way too quickly!

There was a day when I worried about Miss A’s development. She wasn’t saying much, she was a late walker, late everything..including teething. She has still got some teeth to come!

However now I am worried that she is growing up too quickly. Now what she does is probably what she should do at her age so I am not saying she is clever or anything but the new things she learns and says amazes me! For example yesterday I told her that I was going to get some baby wipes from upstairs and she said “OK darling!” We call her and each other darling (could be an Essex thing!) This was the first time apart from her saying yes or no and saying what things are that she responded to what I said. She also kept on saying “Sit down doggie, sit down!” She wanted Tyson to get in his basket so that she could sit with him and give him a cuddle (sit on him!)

To be honest, I do love the fact that she is becoming more and more interesting and getting interested in things and learning new things each day. The fact that she is a sweet little girl who has a lot of love for us and other people makes me very proud of her.

Miss A, growing up very quickly


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