Sudocrem Moisturising Mousse review

Sudocrem Moisturising Mousse, Sudocrem

I was sent a can of Sudocrem Moisturising Mousse for kids and babies to review.

I quite like the concept of it being a mousse, it means that the can should last a longer time than standard creams. I followed the instructions and sprayed more than I needed out so be careful not to spray too much as a little goes a long way. The result is quite good! Miss A has dry legs and arms and this product does make her skin almost completely soft!

I would say don’t form an opinion on the smell of the product when it comes out of the can. I did but I can assure you the smell goes away after application.

Sudocrem Moisturising Mousse

  • For extra dry skin in young children and babies, using ProDerm Technology®
  • ProDerm Technology® is proven to gently soothe and relieve a number of different dry skin conditions
  • Contains camomile and aloe vera
  • Gentle enough to use everyday: hypoallergenic and free from colours, fragrances, parabens and other preservatives.
  • Fine, light texture leaves skin feeling intensely moisturised
  • Rapidly absorbed into the skin, leaving it soft and supple
  • Maintains the skin’s natural moisture balance, bringing effective, soothing relief
  • In clinical trials Sudocrem Moisturising Mousse showed a superior hydration effect over 12 hours than a leading dry skin cream competitor
I love the fact that it isn’t tested on animals and the can is made from 90% recycled aluminium and you can recycle it when empty.
So would I recommend this product? Yes I would. It makes Miss A’s dry skin quite smooth and I love the fact a little goes a long way.
Visit the Sudocrem Mousse website.

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