Organix Veg and Oat Bars review – Tomato and Carrot

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Organix kindly sent me a pack of their tomato and carrot Veg and Oat Bars.Miss A loves these! She does not eat them as quick as she does her Organix Fruit Bars but not a crumb was dropped! She loves most if not all of the Organix snacks range. These will be a regular item in Miss A’s Organix treasure chest! The fact they have vegetables in them, it gives Miss A the variety that she needs, and what I want her to have. Vegetables are not very well accepted by Miss A so it is nice to know she is getting a little bit of vegetable.

Look at these simple ingredients! How fab is it to know that your child’s snacks can be so good for them?!

Organic Wholegrain Oats 55%
Organic Barley Malt Extract 16%
Organic Sunflower Oil 15%
Organic Carrot Juice Concentrate 9%
Organic Tomato Powder 3%
Organic Dried Tomato Flakes 2%
Junk 0%
TOTAL 100%

I think these bars are superb. In fact the whole Organix Goodies range are brilliant.

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