Oh when will she start to tidy up after herself?

Don’t get me wrong I love her playing with her toys but what I don’t love is that Miss A spreads all of her toys all over the place. She also picks up everything else in sight and nine times out of ten, it ends up on the floor. By the time that she goes to bed, the carpet is almost completely covered in toys and other objects.

When oh when will she start to tidy up after herself? When I try and tell her to put her toys away (and show her) she does put a couple back where they belong but they are soon out again!

Mess, toddler toys
She started making a mess at a young age – ignore the outfit..it was her first Christmas!
Our domestic disaster isn’t all down to Miss A…we are currently renovating the house so there are hardly any storage units. I have just started to sell and give away items I no longer need so this is work in progress.
One day, hopefully I will have the house of my dreams!
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  1. Chloe Brewer says:

    Why is it that it’s far more fun to pull all the toys out than put them away? Often find myself wondering this!x

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