My poorly dog..or should that be pawly?

And here was me thinking that Tyson, our lovely dog was indestructable!

For the first time, my dog has hurt himself. He has got a poorly foot. The vet isn’t too sure what it is yet. He doesn’t know whether it is a mass or not so the poor boy is on antibiotics and painkillers. He can walk on it still, which is good as he loves to go for walks.

I achieved something yesterday. I managed to take him and Miss A (in her pushchair) on two buses and both of them were as good as gold. I was dreading it though. But I didn’t have to worry.

So within the next week, we shall find out whether Tyson needs an operation or not. Fingers crossed he doesn’t!

border collie cross dalmatian, first christmas, dog and baby
My favourite picture of our lovely dog.

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