My dog has had his operation – poorly paw

Following on from my post My poorly dog..or should that be pawly?, my dog had an operation yesterday. It turned out he had what looked like a corn. It is now removed and he has his foot and leg bandaged.

The brave boy managed to walk all the way to the vets and to get back Russell left work early and we all went to pick him up. Russell carried him to the bus stop and on and off two buses and home. I on the other hand had to push Russell’s bike all the way home from the train station..that was pretty tiring but it was worth it, knowing that our dog was going to be OK.

Here is the poor little boy:

sore paw, corn, border collie cross dalmatian, operation
Still tired!

He has to go back on Thursday to get the bandage changed so we are going to be on two buses there and two buses back…at least he can walk then!

He is a little bit dopey still but is eating and drinking OK and wagging his tail every time I go and see him. I love him very much.

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