Having real trouble with Amelie and her sleeping

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How it should be!

Miss A used to be good with sleeping (once her reflux days were over) and now she is not settling down very well at all and she keeps waking up at night time. She has one nap during the day. I know for a fact that she is not ready to stop having a nap during the day. She does go to sleep eventually but it is an absolute challenge. You can see it in her eyes that she is tired but she doesn’t go to sleep easily. She has a cot mobile that plays music but that isn’t soothing her!She takes forever to go to sleep at night time too, even if she skips her nap. She just walks around her cot, shakes the cot rail, talks to herself, talks to her teddies..everything but sleep!

Then she wakes up during the night too. There isn’t many nights where I get a full nights sleep.

Miss A is two years old.

Any help and advice would be great!

Edited to say that she wakes up during the night crying.

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  1. Melissa Campeau says:

    That’s a tricky one… There could be a series of factors coming into play… maybe she needs more of a routine when it comes to bedtime. Because usually around that age they need to feel a security when it comes to bedtime. Their daily routine is hectic and full of new things they discover, bedtime is the only time they can feel safe and remind them of their baby days. Maybe it is just a phase too… how long has this been going on for?? 

  2. Thelastslayer says:

    Hiya! Your post really resonated with me, as sleep has definitely been a bit of a hot topic in our house lately.

    Amelie sounds like my little boy who’s just coming up for 27 months.

    Our bedtime routine hasn’t changed and we keep a fixed bedtime. In spite of this, and for a good while now, he will easily spend an hour running around his cot, talking to his toy cats and himself, listening to his music etc before he settles himself down and falls asleep. Even if he’s decided to skip his daytime nap and is clearly knackered, it’s anyone’s guess whether he’ll fall asleep straightaway or not.

    We finally moved him to a bed a couple of weeks ago (with a stairgate on his door) as we needed the cot for the baby and he’s still the same.

    The good thing is that he’s happy – he’s not distressed – and he self settles when he’s ready. I’m assuming Amelie is the same? in which case I’d say just go with it. If it doesn’t seem to bother her then try not to let it bother you. Quite a few people on various forums I’ve visited have had similar stories about their 2 year olds so it seems like it’s a more common thing than perhaps we  realise.

    We get phases of nightwakings here. We had what felt like months of it last year when he would wake up, normally once, and would then happily chat to himself for a couple of hours until he fell back asleep. It seemed to coincide with his speech developing. We still get them now but not as frequently.

    We sometimes get nightwakings where he wakes crying – sometimes he’s easy to calm and get back to sleep, other times he’s quite inconsolable – and the only thing we can think is that some are caused by teeth grumbling around and some are caused by nightmares. The plus side for us is that once he’s calm and happier, he’s content to be left to his own devices until he falls back asleep.

    Finally, daytime sleep. We are definitely going through a bit of a stage of daytime sleep being for the week and like Amelie, he still needs that nap. I’m just hoping he comes out the other side soon!

    There’s probably not much in my ramblings that will help but I just wanted you to know you’re not alone! Hope everything works out and you get more sleep soon. Sleep deprivation really is horrid.

    • Kelly Wiffin says:

      Thanks for commenting, it seems very similar to what we are going through. It is nice to know that I am not alone! Will comment more tomorrow…my brain isn’t functioning very well at the moment!

  3. Sandy Calico says:

    Some children just don’t seem to need as much sleep. I would try (if you haven’t already) complete calm before bedtime, a dark and quiet bedroom. I’ve never used mobiles or anything like that. Good luck x

  4. Susan Mann says:

    My oldest is like that and still at 5 sometimes wakens me. I don’t mind if it’s for the toilet but sometimes it’s for other things. I think he just likes to know I’m there. The best thing I can recommend is keep putting them down and not talking to them helps. It’s a hard one. Hopefully it’s just a wee phase. x

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