Djeco Perles Dragonly Beads review from Play Merrily Toys

I was sent Djeco Perles Dragonfly beads to review. These beads are available from Play Merrily Toys

Djeco Perles Dragonfly Beads.

Now I think these beads are fantastic! I have some cotton reels for Miss A but the Dragonfly Beads are far better! The Dragonfly Beads are nice and chunky and they are so colourful. Miss A loves bees and butterflies and even though she hasn’t threaded these properly, she is getting there and seems more attracted to these than the cotton reels! She is good at getting the beads off though!

She loves playing with the beads on their own too. She often carries them about with her.

You get 16 beads and two shoe laces, so there are plenty of beads to thread. Each one of these beads are well made and I think they are fantastic! The felt is well stuck on the wooden pieces and they are a single piece of felt on each. The detailing of the beads are superb…I love them!

Miss A must of been quite messy with her food, look at her top! And her nails! She does like to play with the house plants! The amount of times she has thrown soil all over the floor!

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