What Your Children Mean To You – #dosomethingyummy for CLIC Sargent

What does Miss A mean to me? Well, she means the world to me of course.

Miss A is such a lovely little girl, full of love and fun. She is one special girl. I may be biased but that’s how I feel. Now Miss A is in my life, I feel complete. Well I do want another child, we are TTC, but that just proves how much Miss A means to me. I want another child! I know the next child will not be like Miss A, he or her will have their own personality, behaviour etc but I don’t mind, the more children the merrier. It will be my last child though, I think two is enough, especially with having to travel to see family etc. 
Now Miss A is older, she is getting into everything and that is fab news for me. I love doing things with her. I love the fact that she is getting into painting etc, it means that I can get involved (kid at heart!) Having Miss A has made me love my fiance even more (if that was possible). Seeing them together and seeing the love they have for each other, makes me very very happy. Miss A is a daddy’s girl and that means the world to me.
I am a full-time mum and I feel very blessed to spend all my time with Miss A (thank you my wonderful fiance), I have no idea what I will be like when she goes to school! Hopefully I will have another child to look after so it wouldn’t be so bad!
Having Miss A does mean that there are a few things that have gone out of the window like we will never have a romantic meal together, just me and Russell. But that isn’t important. I would give up anything and everything for Miss A. I love her very much, more than words can say (now I am crying, I really really do love Miss A very much).
Having children is something that I wanted to do for years, I am very lucky that I now have got Miss A in my life. I hope she grows up to be a lovely person and has a fantastic life. I will try my best to make sure that happens.
This post is something that I am doing to raise awareness and promote Yummy Mummy Week that happens on the 10th to the 18th of March 2012. This is a personal post about what children mean to me. More can be found about Yummy Mummy Week and how you can join in on iamtypecast.


  1. Nickie says:

    It’s great to think about what our kids mean to us, isn’t it?  We’re all so proud of being mum’s aren’t we?  And you will get time on your own with your partner again – it’s just not priority at the moment but make sure you do make time for each other.

    Thanks for writing this post for the #dosomethingyummy campaign. 

  2. Nicola says:

    A great post and no surprise she is your world with that gorgeous face! Thanks for supporting the #dosomethingyummy campaign

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