What Family Means To You – #dosomethingyummy for CLIC Sargent

What do my family mean to me? Well I think they mean a hell of a lot to me!

My little family here in Preston, as you can probably tell mean an awful lot to me. Without Russ and Miss A (and the dog of course) I would be rather lonely and sad!
However there is much more to my family than just us four. The rest of my family mean the world to me too. My parents (all three of them), my brothers, my nieces and nephews, my aunts and uncles, my cousins….everyone. I wish I could see them all regularly. This upsets me that I can’t and the fact that I only really have time to see my parents, really upsets me.
I have a lot of love for everyone in my family. I do feel bad for living so far away from them but that couldn’t be helped. I knew that Russ was the man for me and I had to move to be with him. It doesn’t mean that I don’t love my family very much, I really do. I miss them all, I wish I could afford to have a family get together and see everyone I don’t see when I go down and visit my parents. That would mean a lot to me..Miss A hasn’t seen so many people that I want her to see.
I also have a lot of love for Russell’s family. Again, the same situation, we live so far away from them.
Most days I wish I lived closer to all of them, especially when things happen to someone. I wish I could do more. However I do like Preston, it is what I call home now. I have been here eight years and we cannot afford to move back anyway.
I would love it if Miss A could see her grandparents every week or more and her aunts and uncles, and cousins. 
So as you can see, my and Russell’s family do mean a lot to me, even though I don’t see them regularly. If they needed me, I would be there. Maybe not that day but the day after (trains!) I hope they know that.
So to all of my and Russell’s family that read this. I love you all very much. Never ever forget that. Even though we live where we live, we are always here for you and can travel!
This post is something that I am doing to raise awareness and promote Yummy Mummy Week that happens on the 10th to the 18th of March 2012. This is a personal post about what children mean to me. More can be found about Yummy Mummy Week and how you can join in on iamtypecast.


  1. Kylie Hodges says:

    I feel similar, Joseph doesn’t have a close relationship to his extended family. Ours live in Germany Luxembourg and Australia! I’d love him to see them every month or so but its impossible. The modern world is just so complicated at times!

    • Kelly Wiffin says:

      It is hard especially when family live in another country. Russell’s dad and his wife live in Bermuda. It is very complicated, nothing that can be done though..well we could move closer but we cannot afford it!

  2. Emily says:

    This is a lovely piece. I regret not seeing my family more too. Although I’m lucky that my mum lives just round the corner, I rarely see my siblings and cousins.

  3. Debbie Johnson says:

    What a lovely post- family are so much part of a person it is so difficult to be apart. We had to make that decision last year, having a family go from one to three we needed to move closer to my family, but in doing so leave the OH’s mum up North. It’s always a balaci x

  4. Nicola says:

    It’s hard being away from family – it’s the reason I moved back to Preston recently! Thanks so much for supporting #dosomethingyummy 

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