Valentines Day didn’t happen!

Well I had so many plans but nothing happened last night. Russ had to work from home instead.

I am very annoyed and disappointed. I can’t believe that I had everything set up and everything planned for nothing, instead Russ was on his laptop until midnight!
Yesterday has made me question whether we have any time for romance. It seems that something almost always gets in the way. Russ is working silly hours at the moment and to be honest it is getting to me now. We don’t seem to have much time together, certainly not as a family. What with the house needing to be renovated and most of the weekend (granted not my birthday weekend where he didn’t work or do diy) is spent on that.
Oh how I wish I could get this house done by the wave of a magic wand! The house being done would mean that Russ can spend all his precious spare time with us or relaxing. He works way too hard.
Sorry people I am rather upset and disappointed. I’ll get over it!


  1. Poshbird28 says:

    Ah you poor things, i bet he’s so focused on work and making your home wonderful that he didn’t realise how much it’s getting to you . Take the lead , plan something special , boss him into it and tell him the house can wait ! You two need some you time and the house will still be there tomorrow x x x

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