The garden – My project!

Now the weather  is starting to get warmer, my project is to sort out the front and back garden.

The back garden, I intend to make it kid and dog friendly. I want it to have several sections, one for wildlife, one for Miss A to have some outdoor toys and a section where we can just relax. It needs to be contained too so I will need to install a gate I think.

The front garden is where I intend to have some raised beds and grow some vegetables. It is the garden that gets all of the sun.

I have several problems in making our garden what I want it to be. The main one is that the back garden has drainage issues. Have any of you any suggestions on how to sort this out? If Miss A is going to play out in the garden, this needs to be sorted or else the grass will be wrecked and Miss A will look as if she has had a mud bath!

Here is our not so lovely back garden…

gardening, garden, garden makeover
Bit of a mess…but we are getting a skip soon so it will be cleared. To the right is a concrete section, the driveway goes from the front to the back of the gardens. I intend to get the concrete removed…I won’t be doing this, either Russ or a contractor will have to do it!
So I need some advice on the drainage, where is best to get raised beds, garden furniture, seeds, plants etc., and do you know of any good sources of information on the internet about renovating gardens and growing vegetables? Any advice and suggestions will be very grateful! I don’t think I am the right kind of person to do this task but it needs doing and now is the right time to do it!

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