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This is Miss A and her friend. Apart from Mummy, Daddy and Nanny, she said his name first. She loves him and I hear his name every day! I think it is very cute. They have known each other for a year or so now. Miss A has always loved him. The poor boy has been pinned on the floor, been cuddled, kissed and chased!
I missed my second and third The Gallery post as my Dad, the subject of the one before, my first Gallery post, The Gallery: A Family Story is in hospital so I have not been feeling up to blogging much.

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  1. Donna@MummyCentral says:

    Hope all goes well with your Dad honey. Sorry to hear he’s in hospital.
    Warms my heart to see little friends who are so close. Long may it continue.
    My three-year-old’s best friend is moving to Cornwall next week (we are in Scotland). Even though I know Blake will make other friends, they are always holding hands and cuddling each other, and it’s a bit sad to see that coming to an end.

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