The Gallery: A Family Story

My dad.
This was the first time that he met Miss A. Living so far away from family did mean that it took ages for my family to meet Miss A.
My mum and dad split up when I was two and a half, my mum and step dad (who I also love dearly!) visited within weeks but my poor Dad didn’t get to see Miss A until then.
My dad visited us for a few days with my uncle who kindly drove all the way here via my dad’s. My dad lives in Essex, my uncle lives in London. It was a special time for me, a few days that I will remember forever. It was so nice seeing my daughter with her grandad. It was also very nice to see my uncle who unfortunately I had not seen for a very very long time beforehand.
We went out for a meal and generally had a good time. The time together went very quickly and I remember feeling very sad when they left.
Even though my dad has only seen Miss A a handful of times, he has a lot of love for the little girl and Miss A knows that he is family and that he is her grandad. I am hopefully going to see all my parents very soon and I think my dad will be even more chuffed to bits with her and what she can do now.
I love my family very much. It is very hard at times being so far away from them, however without moving, I wouldn’t be with my lovely fiancé and I wouldn’t have Miss A!


  1. elizMC says:

    Such a lovely photo. You really begin to see your parents in a new light when you become a parent yourself, don’t you think?

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