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I have mentioned before that Miss A is or was cows milk intolerant. This intolerance caused her a lot of troubles when she was tiny. She had severe reflux, she was being sick and also had silent reflux. She was always screaming in pain after she fed and she never settled in her cot as when she was laying flat the reflux would worsen. This mean’t a lot of sleepless nights for me and her!Miss A was diagnosed with a cows milk intolerance at five and a half months, she had reflux from birth so making people aware of cows milk intolerances and allergies is very important to me as I don’t want anyone to go through what Miss A and me have gone through.

The only place that Miss A would sleep, in her highchair

Allergy UK is running a survey to share the experiences of parents or carers who have a baby with cows’ milk protein allergy, or suspect their baby may have the condition. There is a chance to win one of 30 vouchers from Mamas & Papas for £30 if you complete the survey. The survey is available from *survey now closed*

An online leaflet on what to expect from your GP or healthcare professional and tips to help you make the most of your appointments is also available from https://www.aptamil.co.uk/allergies. You can also read Aptamil’s cows’ milk-free recipe leaflet for some great meal ideas and find more helpful information on this food allergy.

For posting this, I will receive some Mamas & Papas vouchers.

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