Land of Sometimes review

‘Join us on the magical journey of Alfie and Elise to ‘ The Land Of Sometimes’.

As the story unfolds, you will be introduced to a collection of deliciously eccentric characters and their original songs.

Catchy, melodic, sometimes hilarious, each song is different from the last. Irish folk to New Orleans jazz, reggae to disco, poetry to simple beauty, these songs have a universal appeal and are an introduction to the eternal power of music and storytelling.

This album is truly magical! I think it is fantastic. It seemed to capture Miss A’s attention throughout. The CD case and booklet is so well made and pretty, even that is worth the money! It is a work of art! I think this CD would appeal to young and old, I certainly enjoyed listening to it. I love every part of the album and so does Miss A, it seems! She loves looking at the book. I have had to hide the album cover and the book away though as she is terrible for ripping things up and she is not doing that to this, no way!

I really think it is going to a favourite thing to listen to in this household.

The Land of Sometimes website is superb as well, go and check it out for yourself. There are things for your little ones to colour and wallpapers that you can download, how I wish my daughter was into colouring in. She scribbles but isn’t showing interest in colouring things in yet!

This magical album, can be purchased from Amazon

I was sent a copy of the CD for review purposes, as always I give my own honest opinions.

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