I would like to get married..sometime soon!

As you know me and my fiance are obviously not married yet (hence Russ being my fiance and not my husband). He proposed to me in 2006 and we are still not married. All this Valentine’s talk is getting me feeling all loved up and really wanting to be married.

Marriage is a complicated issue for us as we live so far away from family and renovating this house is taking all our spare cash! But one day I would love to get married to my wonderful fiance. I don’t want a big do…just a wedding that is enjoyable for us and Miss A. I really wanted to get married at Beacon Fell as that location means a lot to me. I have walked and cycled there. There are a lot of birds there, it was walking to Beacon Fell where I saw an owl in the wild instead of seeing them in sanctuaries or on TV. It was walking there that I saw lapwing and curlews for the first time. I have so many fond memories of Beacon Fell. I really need to go there again at some point, probably walk there I doubt that I have the fitness to cycle up there at the moment!
Apparently you cannot get married there so somewhere like there would be great. To be honest as long as we get married in a place that means something to us, I am not fussed. I just want to be Russell’s wife.
One day, I hope that I am Mrs Allen.
I love my fiance very much!

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