I am 30!

I have had a very nice birthday weekend thanks to my lovely fiance!

We didn’t do too much out of the ordinary but it was just nice to spend some time together without him being at work or renovating the house.
We went out for a pub meal on Saturday (my choice, family friendly and convienient) and yesterday, on my birthday, we went to Costa. Both the days we went shopping. Didn’t buy much but as said it was nice to have Russ with us all weekend! Miss A loved it too!
I am missing him a lot today and I am sure Miss A is.
I have a lot planned now I am 30 and one thing is to stop stressing out and worrying about things. I worry about allsorts but it is never worth it! So I am going to stop it and focus on making Miss A’s and Russ’s life happy!
Thanks for all the birthday messages on here, Twitter and Facebook. Much appreciated.
Here’s to another 30 years…hopefully!

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