Going to see my family on Thursday

Me and Miss A are going to Essex to see my family in Essex on Thursday. Russ is staying here so that I can stay a day or so longer (chinchillas can’t be left for too long).

I was going to go next week but it turns out my dad (not my step dad) is in hospital. He has had so much go wrong with his health over the last few years. I won’t go into details on here, but I need to record it happening as this is what this blog is about (my diary).

I am seeing my dad on Friday, it has been a long time coming but due to my gallstone issues and other things, it hasn’t happened until now.

So we will be travelling by train (three trains in fact) and I am staying with my mum and dad (step dad). I call my step dad dad as he has been in my life since I was two and a half.

I am really looking forward to seeing all three of them. Miss A will be very happy when she knows where she is going.

It is times like these where I didn’t live so far away. I have blogged about this already so that will be the end of that thought! I am very lucky to be able to speak to my parents on the phone. Some people don’t even have that opportunity. Love them all.

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