Dioctipoid review

The Dioctipoid is very much like a Rubix cube but a lot more fun! I used to have a Rubik’s cube and I loved it, I think I love this more!

Dioctipoid 1.0 is the entry level Dioctipoid. It comprises of six different coloured “stars” around 12 white diamonds. Even with it being the easiest one to complete, I haven’t done it yet.
The Dioctipoid 2.0 comprises of 6 different coloured segments with no common white shapes, this the harder of the current range of Dioctipoids to solve and if I can’t do the Dioctipoid 1.0 then there is no chance of doing this one.
Both of the Dioctipoids are very well made, the stand that it comes with had a piece that snapped off though, I think it was damaged in transit. It can still be used though, the piece that snapped off is the piece that sticks up holding the Dioctipoid.
Once the living room is done, these will be placed where visitors can play with them…I am sure they will get as hooked as what I am..although what with illness and Miss A’s birthday I haven’t played with them for a little while. I think I may have a go tonight!

I am not 100% sure if I can ever get either of the the Dioctipoids correct again. I am slightly hooked, so who knows! I doubt it!

You can buy both of the Dioctipoids at the Moulding Innovations website.
Also included in the package is a token for a competition run by Dioctipoid

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