Trying for a baby

We are trying for another baby. With Miss A I fell pregnant straight away, the first time we tried. I know I was very lucky! This time I haven’t. I was rather, not upset, disappointed last night. I don’t know why as I have my little girl and she means the world to me.I am only 29 years old, hopefully I have plenty of time to have another baby. Plus we have only been trying for such a short time! I just had it in my head that I would fall pregnant straight away…silly me!Here is my little girl the day she was born…

baby, newborn

However I have my fingers crossed for next month! 😉


  1. Mandi says:

    I’m sure it will happen soon, with our sixth baby I just assumed it would happen immediately but, after four months, I invested in some ovulation sticks, and found out I was later ovulating than the so called best time, two months later I fell pregnant with Tyrus. Good Luck and fingers crossed xxx

    • Kelly Wiffin says:

      Thank you! I might try the ovulation sticks if I don’t get pregnant next month. I just got a bit upset last night when I found out I wasn’t pregnant. At least I have my little girl. I was very lucky to get pregnant first time with her!

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