Things to do now Amelie is nearly two

Please help me in making Miss A’s day fun!

Miss A is nearly two years old and has really developed this past few weeks, she is saying or at least trying to say everything I ask her to say and she tries to copy me without asking too.

This weekend I went shopping and got Miss A some arts and craft items and I bought some basic baking ingredients (flour, icing sugar etc) and I am going to get Miss A more involved in more art work and I am also going to start baking and Miss A is going to help where she can. We have done our first arty thing today (we have done drawing before) which I will put on my blog later on – it is just drying!
Now I would like some help and advice please. I would like for the people that reads this to suggest fun things for me and Miss A to do, recipes, arts and crafts, places to visit, anything! I would also like to know where the best places are to get art supplies/baking equipment.. I do not have much baking equipment as it is something I haven’t really done before. Shocking I know. So if you can help then just leave me a comment so that I have it to refer to when I am planning!

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