Ten tips for weaning your baby by Hipp Organic

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Ten tips for weaning your baby

HiPP Organic is the original organic baby food company and has over 50 years experience of dealing with the weaning process. You can trust them to know about weaning!

They have come up with some tips which mums and dads may find useful when weaning:

  1. Look for signs your baby is ready to wean. They will let you know by taking an interest in food, putting toys in their mouth and dribbling.  
  2. Be prepared. Not in a scary way, just plan ahead of when you intend to start weaning and make sure you are well equipped. You don’t need too much – a few shallow plastic spoons and some washable baby-size bowls, bibs and cloths are all wise buys.  
  3. Relax. Whilst weaning is an important stage, it doesn’t need to turn into a source of stress. Babies are very in tune with their parents and can often pick up on tension so stay calm and smile and chances are your good mood will get passed on too.
  4. Offer a variety of foods. Whilst this might not seem like the easy option if you know that your little one will happily eat carrots all day, research shows that offering a variety now helps develop a taste for all flavours and textures and this carries through into adulthood. Don’t worry if you have to persist with some stranger tasting foods, it can take up to 12 tries to them to like something but it’s worth it.
  5. Have some back-up. Whether you intend to home cook or use shop-bought it is always worth having some back-up options to hand. Pouches and jars don’t need to be kept in the fridge so pop one in the car and one in the changing bag just in case.
  6. Develop your own routine. It’s always nice to know what other people are doing but by now you should have a good idea of when your baby prefers to eat and drink. Every baby is different, so if you and your baby have a routine and are happy with it then stick to it.
  7. Keep a record of what they try, like or dislike. This might sound tiresome but it can be useful as a reminder of what they have tried, what they like and what might have to be offered a few more times. If you are concerned about allergies it can also put your mind at rest that you know what they have eaten in case any symptoms develop.
  8. Encourage messy play. Let your little one hold the spoon and touch the foods. You could do it with them! It all helps them to learn more about what is going on and explore this colourful new world.
  9. Slowly does it. Don’t worry if your little one starts off eating not very much at all. The first few tastes are more about the experience and not the nutrients. They will still be getting what they need from the milk so there is no need to rush.
  10. Enjoy. It won’t be long before they are tucking in with everyone else so enjoy it while it lasts!

I have enjoyed weaning Miss A. It was a challenge as she still had reflux (due to cows milk intolerance) but in the end she eats most of the things I give her. She doesn’t enjoy many vegetables so I often have to hide them in sauces. Miss A loves pasta which is great as I can make sure there is vegetables in the sauce. She does love peas and sweetcorn so it isn’t all bad news! I always offer her vegetables but they are always left on the plate or the last to be eaten…well yesterday it was the other way round, she ate all of her broccoli and mash (another thing she doesn’t usually like) and left the rest. She is a very strange girl!

I received a selection of HiPP products that are suitable for Miss A in exchange for putting this on my blog. I know that my daughter is way past the weaning stage but there is some useful information here. Miss A still eats some of HiPP Organic products, especially the ready meals. HiPP certainly helped me wean Miss A. I bought their jars regularly!

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