Love Monster by Rachel Bright review

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Love Monster by Rachel Bright is a childrens book about the only Monster in a place called Cutesville. He is on the lookout for someone to love him. He looks forever for someone to love. He is on the verge of giving up, and then he finally finds what he is looking for.
Miss A is a little young, I think, to understand this book. However she now tries to say monster!
I love this book. I think it certainly teaches children that everyone needs love, which takes me to something that happened at the weekend. We were in a shop and there was this pig on the floor. It  wasn’t the most cutest of pig, but Miss A walked up to it and said “Awww…Cuddle!!” It was then promptly put back on the shelf by Daddy. Maybe Daddy needs to read this book and learn that if we don’t buy this pig, noone else will. Miss A loved it.
And today I have bought Miss A the pig.

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  1. Donna@MummyCentral says:

    My 3-year-old son is monster crazy. He loves playing monsters and reading about them – and watching them on Scooby Doo. I’m thinking of giving him a monster party for his birthday this year. This book sounds great (and good for you, for buying the pig!) x

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