Jackson Reece wipes review

I was sent a pack each of the unscented natural baby wipes, natural herbal baby wipes and natural flushable wipes.

Jackson Reece, baby wipes

I must admit I was a little bit concerned about the natural herbal wipes as many scented wipes cause Miss A to get sore and she did start to get sore but that was because she had a dodgy tummy and it was that that caused her to be sore. I put some nappy cream on that day and her tummy and skin was better. I kept on using the herbal wipes and they have not made her sore at all. In fact I have used all the herbal wipes up!

The unscented natural baby wipes are great. No nappy rash. I do prefer the herbal wipes as it makes my daughter smell fresher and it is quite a novelty that she doesn’t develop nappy rash after using them! Just goes to show that there is hardly any nasty chemicals in them! With aloe vera, tea tree oil, lavender essential oil and purified water in and alcohol, parabens, SLS and SLES out, it seems that these wipes are fantastic!

The wipes do their job very well. They are nice and thick and clean Miss A really well. I only need one or at worst two!

Jackson Reece, baby wipes

I will review the natural flushable wipes at a later date as I would like to use them when Miss A is being toilet trained….oh yes I have all that to come!

As a person that buys baby wipes for about 70p, I am not sure on how regularly I will be buying these, I may stock up on these wipes if I see them on special offer anywhere. I must say that they are worth the price of £1.98 but I do have quite a tight budget. Only being honest! However I do use more wipes at each nappy change when I used the cheaper wipes so maybe just maybe I will be using Jackson Reece wipes from now on.

More about these fabulous wipes can be found on the Jackson Reece website.

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