Babymule Changing Bag – my dream bag!

When I went to the Baby Show last year I discovered the Babymule Changing Bag. Well, it is my dream bag. I do not own one of these as being a full-time mum and are currently renovating our house, there are other things that we need to buy/sort out. However I thought I would make you all aware of this very versatile bag. The fact that it can be a rucksack, messenger bag and clip onto the pushchair, it is a changing bag that meets my requirements! I am unfortunately not a girlie girl and I don’t really do bags, I do have a rucksack as I don’t drive and use the bus and using carrier bags for shopping is not very practical when you have to push a pushchair. So you can see why I fell in love with this bag.
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 It looks like they have a new range of colours coming,  You can buy the Babymule Changing Bag online.
I am not getting anything to do this post, I am posting this due to the fact that I really do like the look of this bag and if it wasn’t for my current situation – being a full-time mum and having a whole house to renovate, I would be buying this bag if and when I have my next child – which I am currently TTC!

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