Our trip to IKEA Warrington

IKEA SUNDVIK Chair, chidrens chair
SUNDVIK Childrens Chair

We haven’t been to IKEA for over a year and we are about to start thinking about furnishing Miss A’s room and her play room so a trip to IKEA was the done thing to do.

I love IKEA and we bought our kitchen from there (although the kitchen isn’t finished yet).

The experience of going to IKEA was a good one, much better than the time we went when Miss A was little but that was due to Miss A not being well at the time.

We didn’t get much, certainly none of the playroom stuff but we know what we are getting. The Trofast range is what we love but what we did get was a PAX wardrobe to go in Miss A’s bedroom to be used as storage for whatever we need it for. She will keep her existing nursery furniture (why didn’t we get the nursery furniture from IKEA, the furniture she has got from Mothercare is terrible, but we can’t afford to replace it now – got a whole house to refurbish!)

SUNDVIK table, childrens table
SUNDVIK Childrens Table

We do need to massacre the PAX wardrobe though and cut it so that it fits a slope (we have extended the room so that it goes over the stairs a bit). Hopefully this will go smoothly and I will post pictures when it is done.
We also bought some doors for our Billy bookcase. This is the best bookcase, it has lasted over eight years and it has seen some abuse, it has been dismantled at least seven times! We also got presents for Miss A. including a lovely chair and table.

We don’t drive so we had to get this delivered. Last time we had something delivered, probably the kitchen, it cost a small fortune (about £65). This time we were very happy to see that we qualified for cheap delivery due to our location. It cost us £15 as it was less than £300 (we took a few things back with us).

We also had lunch. We were very disappointed to see that the vegetarian hotdogs are no more. Instead they have been replaced by calzone (no thank you!). We had potato and leek soup – not again! It wasn’t very nice. IKEA…please bring back the vegetarian hotdogs! There wasn’t much for children there, well not for Miss A. She is still cows milk intolerant, she can have a bit of cheese/milk but I think the calzone would of been too much for her but luckily I packed a few snacks and bought her a roll. It was good to see Organix snacks there.

Apart from the food, it was a superb experience. Now we have to save up for Miss A’s playroom furniture.

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