It’s nearly Christmas!

I am rather excited but stressed too. I am not really prepared! Next year I am definitely going to start planning for Christmas in January! I am not doing very well with all the rushing about. All the spending that we as a family have done these past few months has got me changing gas suppliers and apparently I will save about £120 on my bill a year. Now that alone would probably make Christmas less stressful!

Hopefully next Christmas we will have the living room renovated (no pressure on my fiancé at all ;-)) At the moment we have bare plasterboard in the room and non-matching furniture, as you will find out when I put the pics of this Christmas on here!

Another thing that I hope that will happen next year is that I will have another addition to the family, yes I want another baby…we shall see what happens with that one!

So, I hope you all have a fantastic Christmas. Not sure whether I will be blogging over Christmas and the new year, so if I don’t have a happy New Year too! x

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