And that was Christmas!

Miss A’s second Christmas! The first one at home. Last year we were at my parents. I enjoyed being at my parents last year but I did enjoy not having to travel. Missed them terribly though.

So we had a rather happy and relaxing day. Miss A got toys that she loved and lots of clothes. Me and Russell decided not to buy for each other this year as we have spent a lot of money trying to get this house sorted. Once this house is sorted, that will be the best present ever, although I can’t imagine it will get done any time soon.
We spent most of the day playing with Miss A and watching CBeebies and children’s films…oh and cooking and eating dinner too, thanks Russ for doing the majority of the cooking! I ate so much that day, I was very lucky not to have any pain!
Photos too follow later on, just got to find that cable again, it keeps on going missing!
I hope that you all had a good time too. Soon be the New Year. Hope it is a good one for you all.

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