Zoggs Miss Zoggy Swimfree Floatsuit review

I have been meaning to take my daughter swimming for a while now but as Russell wanted to see her in the pool for the first time, it got put off as there was other things to do at the weekend (mostly house renovation and visiting people).

I was kindly sent a Miss Zoggy Swimfree Floatsuit. The specs are:

  • Pink
  • Age 1-2 Years
  • Sewn in, puncture resistant, heavy duty air bladders.Simply increase or decrease floatation without taking the suit off.
  • Simply increase or decrease floatation without taking the suit off.Easily customize the floatation to the child.
  • Easily customize the floatation to the child.
  • UV Protection. UPF 50+
I must admit I have quite a mixed feeling about this product. I quite like the design but I was expecting more from it to be honest. I found Miss A rather unstable and although I would never ever let go of her as it is not a life-saving device, I would of thought it would make her a little bit stable in the water. She kept trying to go on her back and then her front. I tried adjusting the pressure in the bladders but that did not do anything. I have asked some advice from the company that provided me with the product and they came back with this:

This product is not a life preserver, it is an aid to help children learn to swim / hold the right position in the water.  As the child becomes more confident in the water, they would be able to start to swim small distances on their own (with the parent always still at arms reach), then as they get better you can start to deflate the front chamber as they begin to become more confident in the horizontal swimming position.

From what they have said, it does make sense and maybe in time Miss A will be more stable and get used to being in the pool. I shall take her swimming again in a few weeks and will update this post. We are going to go to Aqua Tots every week so this will be a good test for the swimsuit.

I absolutely love the idea of the product, I think the fact that it covers part of her arms and legs and also provides UV Protection is great, it is just a shame that my expectations were a little too high.

More about the Miss Zoggy Swimfree Floatsuit can be found on Zoggs website.

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