Sistema food storage products review

Sistema kindly sent me a selection of their food storage items.

Sistema plastic storage, plastic storageI found most of the products sent brilliant to use! The fact that you can use the pots in the freezer, microwave and dishwasher is superb and best of all they are BPA Free! Since having Miss A, this is very important to me and I have thrown away lots of food storage pots because of not knowing whether they are BPA free.

The Klip-it containers are fantastic. I received some rectangular ones that are great for Miss A’s snacks. I also received Dinkie Rectangular containers. These are superb for storing food that I have cooked in bulk for Miss A.

Sistema To Go, Sistema plastic storage, plastic storage

The Twist ‘n’ Sip to Go bottle is good but Miss A kept on pushing the spout down and got frustrated with it. Maybe it is a bottle to use when she is a little bit older and a little bit more knowledgeable about how things work. In the meantime I am using it!

The Dinkie Straw is a fantastic cup. Simple to use. The only negative thing is, and that is because Miss A has a habit of tipping up every cup and bottle with a straw in it not realising she doesn’t need to do this, is that it does leak when being tipped up so Miss A gets rather wet! So I have to hold the cup for her which she doesn’t really like!

I have already claimed the Dinkee Snacks container. This is superb for low fat yoghurt and granola!

The Cutlery-To-Go is a clever solution to not having cutlery, for me and Miss A. I buy quite a few pastas and salads and find the flimsy fork that comes with them a nightmare!

The Small Split lunch box is great for Miss A’s snacks and sandwiches. The two sections are great as it keeps two foods apart.

The Fold Up Lunch Bag is fantastic. Just the right size! Keeps food cool and fits perfectly under Miss A’s pushchair.

All in all, a fantastic food storage range!

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