Natural and Clean products review

I was kindly sent a selection of Natural and Clean products to try and review.

I was sent products that are designed for animals and spillages.

These products came to me at the right time as my dog decided to be sick on the carpet. He does that when we do not feed him in time in the morning. When I say in time, I mean that I didn’t feed him before 8am due to me waking up late (my lovely Miss A let me have an extra half hours sleep but the fact that I had to clean up dog sick, well that kind of ruined it!)

Natural and Clean, cleaning productsSo armed with Natural & Clean Whoops a-daisy!, I started work on the yucky pile of dog sick. I did like the fact that this clumps up the mess so that you can sweep it up but it didn’t get it up completely so I had to use the Natural & Clean Pet Spot & Odour Eliminator to get the leftover stain out of the carpet. But it was a huge success and was a more pleasant experience than using just spray and kitchen towel. I don’t think I will be using the Natural & Clean Whoops a-daisy! again on carpets as it did leave a powdery residue on the carpet making it more work for me to get clean again. I haven’t had the opportunity to try it out on hard surfaces but I think it would work better. I have since used the Natural & Clean Pet Spot & Odour Eliminator on it’s own and it works just fine.

The Natural & Clean Handy Spot Remover Wipes are handy for travelling. They are quite good at getting the spills up that Miss A makes. They smell OK too but I am not a lover of wipes for cleaning, I do use antibacterial wipes when cleaning second hand toys, I think I will stick to the Natural & Clean Pet Spot & Odour Eliminator and a kitchen towel or cloth that I can disinfect and wash,

I was also sent Natural & Clean 100% Natural Cat Litter which I will be giving someone else who has cats as my chinchillas will just eat it as they have a wire mesh cage and I was also sent Natural & Clean Pet Shampoo which I will review at a later date. I can’t get my dog in the bath and will have to get my fiancé to help me!

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