Leapfrog Count and Scan Shopper review

Leapfrog Count and Scan Shopper, LeapfrogI was kindly sent the LeapFrog Count and Scan Shopper for Miss A to test.

This is another superb toy from LeapFrog. It has taught Miss A to count to three and to say other numbers too. She loves the number eight! She is starting to learn the food items, she knows the banana and says “narna”

Miss A does find it a little difficult in scanning the food items as you can only scan the number but this will improve her hand/eye coordination.

This product will help your child learn colours, counting and lots more! It asks questions, plays songs and is simply fun! I love the fact that you can scan everything as it has built in phrases when you scan items other than the food items that are provided. I love it when I scan Miss A and it says “Clean up on aisle four!”

Like Scout (who we reviewed here) it is one of Miss A’s favourite toys. Oh an update with Scout. Miss A can now spell her name and she tries to say her name too! We love My Pal Scout!

I have a lot of love for LeapFrog toys and there will hopefully some added to the list for Christmas. I am looking forward to Miss A being two in February I have quite a few Leapfrog toys that I want to buy!

More about the LeapFrog Count and Scan can be found on the LeapFrog website.

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