Booja Booja Organic Banoffee Toffee Chocolate Truffles review

Booja Booja, organic, trufflesI was kindly sent a box of Booja Booja Organic Banoffee Toffee Chocolate Truffles to review.

As a vegetarian I was very excited when these arrived as I knew they were suitable for me.

I thoroughly enjoyed these, both me and Russell had the whole box (of 9) in two days. I had to really stop myself from opening them when they arrived, I would of consumed the whole lot if I did and Russell wouldn’t of had any! They were that good.

The only criticism I have is that the banana taste was a little weak, you could taste banana but I expected it to be a bit stronger.

There are several varieties of Booja Booja truffles. More can be found on the Booja Booja website

They make a wonderful gift for that special someone. I think I need to treat Russell to some of the other varieties.

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