What’s best for promoting my blog..Facebook or Twitter? BritMums Blog Prompt

This is my first BritMums Blog Prompt! I can’t believe I have not done one before! Hope this is the first of many! Now to answer the question..Twitter or Facebook for promoting my blog? I would have to say Twitter. I have had a better success in using Twitter than Facebook. I use both Twitter and Facebook but I find Twitter a lot cleaner and easier to use.

I like the fact that you can see followers of people that you follow and who is following you, this is good in making sure that you are not missing out on people that you should follow and communicate with. I am fond of the fact that Twitter is so quick to use. You can almost have a conversation with people. I find Facebook too slow and really no good to get communicating with the outside world.

I love retweeting tweets that I think my followers will find interesting. As a competition addict I often enter a lot of competitions via Twitter. Sorry if this gets on people’s nerves but as said I am a bit of an addict!

I have over 200 followers on Twitter and only 5 likes on Facebook…I think that answers the question!

If you want to follow me on Twitter then click here!

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