Ella’s Kitchen The Orange One review

I was kindly sent an Ella’s Kitchen The Orange One pouch for Miss A to try.
Ellas Kitchen The Orange One, Ellas Kitchen
I think the combination of fruit in this pouch is superb. I have not seen many fruit pots/pouches that contain oranges and I have definitely not seen one that contains guava.

The ingredients in The Orange One are:

Organic bananas 29%

Organic mangoes 38%
Organic oranges 12%
Organic guava 11%
Organic lemon juice concentrate (a dash)
Other stuff 0%
Miss A, like most fruit pots/pouches quickly consumed the lot in one sitting. She loved it! I like the fact that it is made from organic fruit and best of all provides Miss A with one of her five a day. The size is just right for Miss A, although I do hold the pouch as she has a habit of squeezing them, making the contents go everywhere!
I like the idea of pouches are they are a lot more easy to transport for when we go out. I have had a number of fruit pots crack and leak in my bag – not a very nice experience.
More about The Orange One can be found on the Ella’s Kitchen website.

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