Trunki Yondi 1-4 Years (use in bike trailer) review.

Trunki Yondi, TrunkiMy fiance is a keen cyclist, me not so keen for various reasons but I do like to go cycling through a nearby park as you can get to the centre of Preston and also to several places of interest.

We have a Croozer trailer for Miss A. She loves going for a ride. However one thing that really gets to me is that she keeps falling asleep in the trailer. This is great but her head is not supported and she leans forward or to the side. So I bought a  Trunki Yondi to see if it helped.

Not a complete success unfortunately. I think the thing that fails this product is the fact that the magnets are not sufficent enough to take the weight of Miss A’s head and her helmet. As soon as Miss A fell asleep and done her usual thing of leaning forward/to one side it came apart straight away. It did support her head slightly so at least she wasn’t completely bent over but it is still not ideal. I do not know whether it was because of her helmet or the way that the actual trailer seat is angled.

I cannot try it without her helmet because I feel the helmet is a key part of Miss A’s safety. I will still use the Yondi as it does provide some support.

Trunki Yondi, Trunki

I have read so many good reviews of it being great for car journeys soo please do not let this review put you off. Search on the internet for reviews in car seat and you will see how good it is. It is just not very good for use in a bicycle trailer.

Miss A has fallen in love with it and I am sure to take it with us when we go and see my parents in Essex in a few weeks time as they have a car and a car seat. I will put a review of the use of Yondi in a car when we get back.

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