Not so happy days

Well I thought I better update you all regarding this post

I have had the all clear in terms of my brain. No tumours there. My EEG result came back clear too. It isn’t a guarantee that I haven’t got epilepsy. I may have and it didn’t show but to be honest that is the least of my worries.

When I phoned for my results last Friday, I was told there was nothing found in my brain however I have an abnormality in my parotid gland. At the moment I do not know what this means, but I can only assume the worst, that it is a tumour just in case it is. I know that there can be several things that go wrong in that area but if I think the worst, then if it turns out to be as simple as a abscess or stones then I will be doing a lot of celebrating (and making sure that I have a baby sooner rather than later!). If it is the worst, then the success rate, I have read, is quite high (in terms of recovering from it). At least there isn’t anything wrong with my brain, that would be a bit more difficult to come to terms with!

So it is business as usual, I have got more content for my blog to put on, got a few events to go to soon. I really hope that I do not miss the Chris and Pui Roadshow. Now that will break my heart! The look on Miss A’s face when she realises who she is seeing will be wonderful.

I am also going to Essex for most of a week, don’t want to miss that either.

All will be well in the end I am sure.

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