Werther’s Original Butter Candies

I was sent a bag of Werther”s Original Butter Candies to try. I have had these a long long time ago (when I was a child) and totally forgot about them and what they tasted like. They are really smooth and taste really creamy. Very hard to describe. I was rather impressed. Each sweet is individually wrapped in lovely golden foil. Making them look really special!

I have seen Russell sneak one or two every time he goes to the kitchen too. So they have gone down a treat!

I believe Werther’s Original Butter Candies has been around for years. They have now got chocolates available. Yes please!

Oh one word of warning I wouldn’t suggest crunching them (not if you have got sensitive teeth or crowns) as they do get stuck in your teeth, well they did mine and that reminds me I need to make an appointment to see the dentist! Ouch!

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