Tightsplease Country Kids Cotton Blend Tights review

I was sent a Country Kids Cotton Blend Tights in Ivory to review. These were sent from Tights Please who sell baby tights as well as other products. The size I received is 6-18 months.

Tightsplease Country Kids Cotton Blend Tights, Tightsplease, tightsThese tights are white with small shiny white dots. The quality of these tights is quite good! I have washed them once and used them twice on my daughter and there is minimal bobbling. The bobbling is concentrated to the dots themselves, the actual material of the rest of the tights is like new. Compared to some of Miss A’s other tights even after the first wash, they do seem to be better quality.  It could be the way I washed them, but I followed the instructions carefully.

Talking about instructions, I love the fact that the care instructions are on the actual label of the tights. Most of the tights I have do not have this and by the time I wash the tights, the packaging has been recycled/thrown away.

It is a very good fit. My daughter is 18 months old and there is still some room in them. Miss A can carry on doing her normal day to day things in them and even when they got really dirty the first time I used them, they washed well.

Apart from the minimal bobbling of the dots, a brilliant pair of tights!

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