MAM Fork and Spoon review

MAM sent me a MAM Baby’s Fork & Spoon 2pk to review.
MAM Spoon and Fork, MAM, spoon, fork
Miss A does not use a spoon or fork properly. She prefers to use her fingers. MAM sent me one of their Baby’s Fork & Spoon packs to see if this helped Miss A use it properly. Unfortunately it didn’t. She did however keep the fork in her hand all the time she was eating so maybe this is the set that will get her using cutlery properly. She did stab at her food now and again but she did not feed herself with it, the other hand went in and got the food out.

I used the spoon when giving her fruit dessert (letting Miss A use her fingers is a no no. It is too messy and she takes ages to finish it). I must say that I am impressed with the design of these. They are nice and chunky and they have grip-like texture on one side. The design of the cutlery made it easy for me to spoon-feed Miss A. Maybe because they are curved? I will update you all when Miss A starts to use cutlery properly. I am sure it will be these that she does it with.

Maybe one day Miss A will start using them properly! Maybe then Miss A will not be in such a mess after she has finished eating!

The MAM Baby’s Fork & Spoon 2pk can be bought on the MAM website.

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