Firefly Tonics review

I was kindly sent one of each of the six Firefly Tonics to review. Firefly Tonics have worked with herbal experts to make these drinks. There are no sugar or artificial ingredients in them. The six varieties are: 

Peach & Green Tea – Plump peaches and juicy grapes, enlivened with a dash of green tea and kola nut to put a spring in your step. 

Peaches are a lovely fruit. Nice change to the normal citrus and berry drinks you get. 

Lemon, Lime & Ginger – Zingy lemons and limes brimming with ginger, dandelion and burdock.

This drink certainly woke me up! I love lemon and lime combined, the addition of ginger is a superb!
Firefly Tonics, Firefly

Grapefruit & Passionfruit – Zesty grapefruits and tangy passionfruits, infused with guarana and maté tea to put a little extra bounce in your day.

I am not a grapefruit lover. I think the still water and the addition of passionfruit made it quite nice. 

Pomegranate & Elderflower – Juicy pomegranates and summery elderflowers with a hint of kola nut and chilli. 

My favourite of all, I adore this drink. The combination is perfect!

Bramley Apple & Ginger – Get your Britishness back with this traditional mix of Bramley apples, raspberries and blackberries. Infused with revitalising guarna, yerba mate and ginger.

British apples!! Another company using British apples. Superb! With the decline of British apples there should be more companies that choose British over other apples. A nice change to plain apple juice.

I was also sent a bottle of Tangerine and Lime. This variety helps Oxford Children’s Hospital. A bit more about this can be found here

Nice combination, I love lime!

Each drink was very refreshing. Not very strong (my fiance commented on this not me!) but they are a juice drink with still water being the first ingredient (Russell make note, you concentrated red grape juice drinker!) My favourite was definitely the Pomegranate & Elderflower. I will be buying this one again when I want a treat! I do think they help in increasing your energy levels. Miss A has been up for most of the night this week and I think they have helped me cope during the day. I would definitely recommend them, especially the Pomegranate & Elderflower variety. I wish you could buy a bigger bottle!

More information can be found on the Firefly Tonic’s fantastic website

You can order Firefly for home delivery in the UK mainland at Ocado, Aqua Amore, Online Wine Buy or Ethical Super Store.

You can also find Firefly nationwide in Waitrose and Holland and Barrett stores.


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