Amelie and her teeth

Miss A is teething. She has only had two teeth until now and one of her top front teeth is partly through. I have not really experienced her properly teething before as she was only unsettled for one day when she cut her bottom two teeth. I now know how stressful it is! Miss A is up every night, several times a night and has been for about a week. It is getting worse and worse.

I think she is cutting several teeth. She is definitely cutting the two front top teeth and the rest of her gums seem really hard and you can see some white. Nothing seems to make her sleep all night. I think she is struggling with an old enemy…the dreaded reflux. Miss A used to have bad reflux when she was younger and she eventually (after 5 1/2 months) got diagnosed with a cows milk intolerance. She is growing out of the intolerance but now she does not have to have milk to suffer from bouts of reflux at the moment. It is silent reflux – she isn’t sick but you can hear it coming up and she screams.

Has anyone had any experience of this? Can reflux come back around this age and while the child is teething? Would be interesting to find out! Any teething tips would be appreciated too.

Thanks all x

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