Organix Goodies Fruit and Water drink review

I was kindly sent one of each of the two varieties of Organix Organic Fruit and Water for Miss A to try. The two varieties are apple, grape and peach and apple and blackcurrant.

Miss A loves both of them. She drinks it all as soon as she can! I love giving them to her. I absolutely love the fact that it is simply juice, water and vitamin C. The only downside is that it is 89p per bottle and if Miss A has one of these each meal time, then it can get rather expensive. I will buy these for when we go out and about as they are perfect for that!

The ingredients for the apple and blackcurrant drink:

Water 50%
Organic Apple 30%
Organic Grapes 10%
Organic Blackcurrants 10%
Vitamin C less than 1%

The ingriedients for the apple, grape and peach drink:

Water 50%
Organic Apple 20%
Organic Grapes 15%
Organic Peach 15%
Vitamin C less than 1%

More information can be found on the Organix Website

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